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Pacific Crest Transformers


Pacific Crest Transformers draws on nearly 90 years experience to build a wide range of transformers for the US market in their modern Medford, Oregon facility. PCT is a leader in the design and construction of liquid filled distribution and specialty transformers with the flexibility to offer custom designs for pad mount, substation and station transformers to meet the designs of a fast paced and ever changing marketplace. For more detail information click on

Market Focus….. 

PCT is committed to designing and manufacturing superior quality, unique and custom transformers in the most cost effective and responsive manner possible. Our longevity and stability is due to our perseverance to responsiveness and superior quality. Wind Farm Transformer Design Considerations

Improving Energy Efficiency with Custom-Built, Purpose-Specific Transformers

Padmount Transformer
Substation Transformer  
Secondary Unit Station Transformer


• 75 through 10,000 kVA
• High voltages through 46 kV (250 kV BIL)
• Oil, silicone, or vegetable based fluid filled
• Distribution and small power applications
• Dedicated load (specialty)
• Retrofit replacements
• Aluminum or copper windings
• Custom designs and applications