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Meg-Alert, Inc. | Because Motor And Generator Failure Is Not An Option Meg-Alert - the only automatic permanently installed "True Dielectric" Insulation Resistance Testers with 500-5000 VDC outputs Meg-Alert manufactures the MotorGuard and GenGuard patented testing and protection systems designed to detect
insulation breakdown in critical motors and generators. The system senses when the motor or generator is offline and
then performs a continuous dielectric test on the winding insulation until the equipment is started again. When an
abnormal condition is detected the equipment can be locked out and a warning signal sent, indicating that the motor
or generator needs maintenance. The testing is done with a current limited non-destructive DC voltage from 500 -
5000 VDC, which is safe for both personnel and the equipment. By automatically testing offline equipment customers
can now predict and prevent impending failures, reduce unscheduled downtime repairs, and increase plant safety by
not exposing maintenance personnel to dangerous Arc Flash conditions experienced when performing manual