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Enetics, Inc. is a well-established designer, developer, and supplier of technology tools for advanced metering to energy firms and commercial / industrial energy users around the world.  The company provides complete monitoring and management solutions including recording equipment, communications, and software for the collection and analysis of energy data. See us at

    PowerScape Energy Management System

"Your Complete View Into Your Power System Operation."

  • Improve Efficiency And Reduce Energy Cost. 
  • Reduce Demand Charges And Power Factor Penalties. 
  • Manage Curtailment Program Bidding/Assess Economic Benefit. 
  • Sub-Metering And Demand Aggregation At One Or Across Multiple Sites. 
  • Monitor And Document Incoming Power Quality. 
  • Track Down Problems. 

                     Enetics SPEED™ Products 

Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NIALMS) is a unique approach to monitoring the energy consumption of major appliances within a home. With NIALMS, a single recording meter is installed at the electrical service entrance and from this location the energy consumption and time of use of each major appliance can be captured. Installation is quick and easy.